In the past ten or so years I've come across this incredibly worrying trend, the trend that believe that just because you are religious you are immediately ignorant or unintelligent.

No I'm not going to be going on a deep Jesus rant on you, I'm Buddhist. Which the majority of you reading this would probably go "oh yeah that's alright then, I only have a problem with the Christian religion, Buddhism is fine!"

Doesn't stop the fact that my faith in my religion is just as deep as any other Christian in their's.

It just seems that, lately anyway, anyone who believes in any sort of religion is being persectued unfairly. Muslims are the go-to bad guy these days because of the teachings in the Quran, and Christians are seen to be the larger part of the ignorant masses due to the stories in the Bible.

But does religion neccessarily make you stupid?

No I don't think so. I think it does have a correlation, but it doesn't make you stupid per se.

I have met many religious people who I would consider to be intelligent, and roughly the same amount of so called scientists or scholars who I would deem as crazy as any other fundamentalist.

My theory to this rather ignorant way of black-and-white thinking is that, to most people, it's either religion or science. That many don't believe that there is an in-between, a middle ground for both.

Sure, in general most athiests know more about the bible the most Christians, they cannot believe what is being said in the bible to be true or scientifically possible. On the other hand, the majority of scientists who attempt to debunk Christian myths end up becoming deeply relgious themselves. Think about that for a second.

The problem is that being religious doesn't necessarily equate to being unintelligent.

The major consequence is that many people don't realise this, and they believe they have to pick a side. It turns into this giant battle between what's right and wrong instead of going "hey...both sides kind of have a point".

So, as with most petty arguments, it doesn't evolve into an intellectual debate where both parties attempt to highlight the merits of their own belief, but end up attempting to bring down the other sides arguments by continuously point out faults.

To a lot of would-be athiests out there, I hear many of them complain how it's absolutely scientifically impossible for Jesus Christ to have been ressurected, or that the notion of God is a complete myth because there's no evidence of a big bearded man in the sky.

But do they honestly believe that a lot of Christians believe what's being said in the bible word-for-word?

I went to a Catholic high school, and, as was the trend at the time, I was an athiest. I frequently mocked the bible and those who believed that what was being said in the bible was true. But I had this Religious Education teacher, and he completely revolutionized the way I thought.

He wasn't a fervent fundamentalist, he was a scholar, a scientist. He explained that he saw the bible as a collection of stories, written by humans, and that humans do have a penchant for using their imagination to fill in the gaps of their knowledge. But did that make any of the teachings in the bible any less relevant?

He explained to me that those stories, like many of the stories we have always heard, could be fictional, could be fact, but it doesn't change the fact that they taught deep and meaningful moral values which are what we should all live by.

He believes in a God, he believes that eucharist is taking in the body and blood of Christ. But does that make him any less unintelligent? I don't think so. I think he exemplifies what I believe to be the ultimate person of intelligence.

He saw the facts, saw both sides of the argument, and made an informed decision. In the end he made a decision where he accepted both the pros and cons of each side of the debate.

That's someone who's intelligent. Not someone who immediately dismesses or discredits the whole other side of the debate because one thing doesn't make sense to them.

In the Religion vs Science war, it's not really even much of a debate really. So called scientists are effectively pigeon-holing and restricting themselves by ignoring possible religious answers instead of looking for an ultimate truth, which is embracing all sorts of knowledge and information. And same thing goes for all religious fundamentalists.

There's so much more I can write about this topic, but I guess I'll just leave it all here now.

That it isn't anything to do with Religion or Science, it's the inherent human nature that believes it's all black-and-white, that you are ultimately right and that the other is wrong.

Anyway, just food for thought.


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